I think that you can probably tell a lot about a family by the bookmarks at the top of their browser window. Here’s a tiny glimpse of ours right now. One button takes you to an episode of Bob Ross. The other takes you to an episode of Little House on the Prairie. My daughter named them. Just putting this here in case someone else’s week looks much the same way…




Happy 2017!

My name is Amber, and I am the author of SWAY and CIRCA NOW, both published by Disney-Hyperion. For more of what we writers like to call an “info dump,” please have a look around this site.

squirrelAs a bonus to make you smile right this minute, here is a picture of me exactly eight years ago. I had just finished my last chemotherapy treatment and there was a flying squirrel standing on my head.

Why should this make you smile? Because, #1: I have been cancer-free for 8 years! and #2: Even authors do bonehead things like spending all their Christmas cash on mall rodents that last a week.

Happy reading, everyone. And do come back any time. I have a wealth of embarrassing pictures and cautionary tales.